Saturday, November 7, 2009

The road from then until now...

The road from then to now constitutes its own novel. The characters that grace the story are as rich in flavor as the fresh picked produce and slow cooked rib roast. The places that occupy space on the road from then to now went through a process of envisioning, living, dying and rebirth. Each place had its own set of dreams and grand visions. Much like blank canvases or lumps of clay and an artist brain that wishes to sculpt, paint and mold his or her ideas; only this was land and communities, life and living that were the ideas, and plants animals and trees that were the medium. The road from then till now deserves a lot of thought reflection, and each of its stories to be told and shared. Now there is a space to do it. I hope all who have watch and listened will now enjoy the reading



  1. Sun shinning on those cows in their new home? Nobody ran away during the move? Milking by habd these days? Looking forward to the next story!

  2. Hey Jonathan - It was great to talk to you and Meg tonight. Your blog is amazing...what an honor to have a pic of Sadie here too. WE wish you, Meg, cows and dreams well. We are here for you - call us any time. We will keep you in our prayers over the next few weeks expecially as you make this huge jump - don't worry - hold onto each other and just jump - we are thankful we did.