Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fourth Barn...

I am meeting up with Teddy Yandow today to truck cows from Fairfield to Tumbridge. The fourth barn I have been in. Mountains of fear reverberate the nagging question; "what will make this situation any different?" The best answer I have to the fear is ; "I am not trying the same thing for the fourth time and expecting different results, so back off!" 
I guess this effort counts as the first time I have tried keeping cows with no expectations: I don't expect to gross eighty grand, I don't expect the cows to be my main source of income, I don't expect to become a grazing super star, or an Organic Valley poster child. The expectations have burnt themselves like an over heated radiator. It forces a guy to pour on some antifreeze of acceptance, indifference, and objectivity.  Antifreeze of the intellectual and spiritual type keeps things cool and running smoothly. It allows a guy to keep his eye on his temperature gauge. It allows a guy the choice to pull over, add some more antifreeze, check the belts or limp into the fix it shop. It allows a guy to scrap the truck all together and get a new one if he wants. Junk grave yards of ideas and efforts are really sweet places to visit. The best part is the grave yards never move location they stay at the same address in our memories of the past.  You never have to go looking for a new Junk Grave yard of the future, they don't exist yet.

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