Saturday, November 14, 2009

Having a Good Day?

Are you better off at the end of the day than at the beginning? A quality definition of what counts as a good day farming. The converse definition of a bad day is also true; being worse off at the end of the day than when you started the day. 
In the last week I have had the pleasure of getting to know a farmer down in the Tunbridge area. Tinkering with the little bucket milker which now constitutes my whole milking system, lead to an awful feeling that I may end up worse off at the end of the day. Started with a working pail milker, and with all the effort to make it better, found myself at the end of the day with no pail milker at all!!
A bad day was just about to happen. I drew the last straw and pulled the entire mechanism apart, only to find a small over looked detail. I righted the wrong, plugged in the milker and presto. Awesome pulsation and a better working system! I drove up the road to return tools, and parts to Gary. The sun was low and I saw Gary at the shop. 
"How did you make out?" 
"I suppose I'm better of at the end of the day than at the beginning."
"I  guess that is all you can ask for some times."
Love the small victories in the is little trade called dairy farming. 

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  1. You do know how to problem solve! the perspective of appreciating the positive at the end of a struggle no matter how small is a gift. The sun will shine some more.

    Seen Frd wondering around?