Sunday, June 17, 2012

Calving Season 2012


Meet the newest addition to Symphony Farm -- Silvi!  Siobhan freshened on May 21st. We were struggling on an "S" girl name -- as we like to keep the first letters the same as their mamas to help track lineage.  Because we both teach in schools and have had our share of students that are royal pains in the asses, that eliminates a bunch of names from the pool. Jinxing our cows would not be cool.   And since we plan on having our own family, we can't use up the good "S" names on the bovines. So...we turned to our dear ones near and far on Facebook.  Unfortunately, most folks completely skipped the "S" name request and asked that we name them after themselves.  Jonathan was pushing hard for "Sorcha," Gaelic for freedom and light and I was routing for good ol' Sinead. Both were denied by the other.  Four days later, Jonny came in and said, "I gave Silvi her two bottles." What a perfect name.
Mama Siobhan and Silvi

As I write this, we are turning to you, our readers, for "C" names, as Camille has (by the sounds of it) given birth to her first calf.   We're off to see if we have a bull or heifer calf.

Thanks to Siobhan (and Camille) the milk is aflowin' and ready to be picked up.  Give a ring to the farm if you are interested - 802-883-2269. Peace.

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