Friday, March 30, 2012

Late March

March came in like a lion smearing snow everywhere, and then folded like a creature with no spine, into a summer tease, which was revoked from us like an angry parent taking the sweetest candy away from their child.
In the middle of this roller coaster which we call New England weather, I try to stay focused. Seeds need to be started. One step. Watch them to be sure they germinate. Two steps. Get the cows sleeping outside of the barn. Quit doing so many barn chores. Three steps.
The strides lengthen: adding compost to the garden, digging a new bed design, thinking about flowers, transplanting lilac, and frost seeding new pasture during prime conditions.
Life by the seasons can both slow time and accelerate time. The beauty of cows is they are a like a the steady consistent beat of a bass drum. Keeping time, even though we humans experience time faster on some days and slower on others.
Thats the news from the symphony were we are adding notes to the composition as the weather gets warmer

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