Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hello Sandy. She hit our mountain side last night. All the cows were tucked in the barn with plenty of hay and bedding. Our cows Sally and Grace just made it home from summer camp. They spent the summer grazing over at our friends farm who has more pasture than she can shake a stick at! The cow population on the mountain side dropped to four this past summer. Two milkers. Two calves So Sally and Grace stuffed their faces for five months, arrived home last week, and have big round bellies to prove it.
      Shortly after arriving home, Grace had her baby. We found her at dusk, while bringing a bale out to the cows. I scooped babe up, and muma followed me to the barn, where I tucked the two of them in for the night. Graces milk is just clearing up from colostrum, and is ready to drink.  The challenges of farming remain the same as always. Heading out to work when its dark, being grumpy about this or that. These things don't change. What does change is the seasoning of attitudes you bring to the bumps, scratches, and itches that decorate farming life. What changes, is how you let yourself experience these part of owning a few cows, making milk for a few neighbors, and putting food derived from your own labor on a table for me and my wife..... did I mention I got married this summer? It was awesome.

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