Thursday, February 13, 2014

We bought the farm...and it is still sinking in

It has been a long struggle to get where we are. Much like climbing mountains, and focusing on each and every step. Applying more focus, effort, and concentration when the steps are agonizing, painful and defeating.  Keeping your head straight when all you want to do is give up because it is never going to happen.
And like climbing mountains, when you start to reach the peak, the world has dropped away from you, your goal in sight, and the struggle melts away into an elated feeling of no longer craving a summit. Whilst standing on the summit, there is a balance of believing there is nothing left to achieve, and appreciating where you are.
     We bought the farm. The long journey of working for other farmers, leasing head aches, praying on your knees for god to give you strength to get up and keep doing what you are doing; that is over. A like reaching the summit, achieving that goal there is a balance appreciating what you have accomplished, and setting another goal. To keep going.
     We bought the farm. We can plant anywhere we want, build buildings, paint walls, tear out lights, put up new ones. In all honesty the goal we have reached is demanding us to make new goals, steps and accomplishments. In mountaineering there is a concept of a false peak. You see what appears to the precipice of accomplishment, and when you reach it, you can see clearly how far you actually have to go. It can be the most deflating experience. Buying the farm may be our false peak. Our true peak is five, ten, twenty years down the road. What a magnificent sight it will be.


  1. Congratulations on buying the farm~ we looked at this farm a few years ago, but wasn't quite right for us. It was meant to be Your farm. So keep the excitement of having your own farm and let it energize you. Every day you can wake up and choose what you want to do first because you work for yourself. You have a great mission and I can't wait to see pictures of your new barn going up and your root cellar being dug.

  2. The Farm like so many other things in our lives is a beautiful metaphor for ones life journey. Many false peaks in our life's journey , Each a teacher, a mentor an achievement. Esch allowing us to move on with hope.compassion a new strength knowing there's always the un expected, new horizons, mysteries to phathom and a serene joy in our miniscule part of this mariculious universe. Blessings.