Sunday, August 7, 2011

Open Farm Day at Symphony Farm

In July we had a house/farmwarming gathering.  Thank you to all who made the day special...and a huge thanks to farm photographer, Kat!
Baby Stewie
The Labyrinth Garden
The farmers

Johnny & Glenn

Levirgne & Shirley in action!!

Kat and Nimi

Bitsy & Nimi

Bits, Nimi, Kat

Sully love the camera

Ellia, Mathilda, Hanna, Eric, Malia & Zane

Eric, Kat, Jonathan, Leelee and Sully

Ma' boys

Mike and Ella

Kitchen craziness with Meg and Hanna.  Note the farm warming signature drink in the blender - watermelon mojitos!!

My newest favorite summer brew.  Beet beer.  Does it get any better?

Sweden and Holland represent!

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