Tuesday, July 26, 2011


It is summer. The part of the year we all wait for and find that it goes too quickly. The snows of last winter disappear with our own version of seasonal amnesia. The garden has grown into its teenage phase. Large, lanky, a little uncoordinated, but filled with energy. A critical time for us to parent the garden, or to let it go out on its own and accept it "as is".

The cows have calved, and we are milking in a new barn.(Post move) We enjoy our hot water with a groovy on demand hot water heater, and a milk house that has a view of the farm.
Scything has come into our lives as a remedy to lack of pasture, and apprehensive land owners who have a bad taste in their mouths left from irresponsible grazers. We apply the scythe voiding our lives from fossil fuel in the summer months. We apply the scythe to build trust with our neighboring land owners in hope that we can show them that grazing can be done in a neat, clean, and enhancing way. The photo below is a hand rolled bale stuffed into the newly transformed "farm car" we call the 'Rolla.

Breads rising

We are part of the Barre City Farmers market again this year.  Despite the damn near 9 hours it takes to prep the greens and veggies, bake the breads and pretzels, make the pesto...we truly enjoy connecting with our community and feel proud of the Symphony Farm spread.  It's summer -- time of abundance and plenty of vodka tonics (with extra lime, of course).  Cheers!

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