Monday, August 16, 2010

Calves of 2010

Captain Sigg and Maggie enthralled by something...probably food!

I know this post is long overdue...but let me tell you, it has been quite a busy summer!  The birth of 5 new calves was pretty much the easiest part, and took little to no work from us.  As Jonathan says, "prenatal care is the most important thing we can do, as the mama usually takes care of the rest herself."

The Barre Farmers market has been wonderful to be part of on Wednesdays, and has certainly solidified my love for baking breads, pickling, and processing pestos.  The two of us have really done a 180* in terms of schedules.  Here I am doing morning chores, after Jonathan finishes milking, puttering around finding this and that to keep me occupied while he heads off to Barre City School to teach kiddos how to garden, harvest and cook up some sweet meals.  It's these slow mornings, where a third cup of coffee is a must, some yoga outside on the porch is an option and eating breakfast doesn't really have to happen until 11, that I will miss dearly once "back to school" graces us.

Here are some photos of our newest additions to the family.  We have successfully halter-trained Captain Sigg and are in the process of working with Greta.  Our most recent calf, Camille is enjoying a few weeks with mama Cafe in the pasture.  
L-->R Maggie, Camille, Gretta, Captain Sigg
The Admiral and Camille
A bull calf with a lot of love to give!


  1. so precious hanging out with them today. the best part of raw milk is hugging those babies!

  2. LOVE having you guys here...let's do it again soon!