Friday, April 16, 2010

Mid April

Snow. Filed a tax extension yesterday in beautiful sunshine. Snow. April 16th. Snow. In my funny little human head, I mulled over what I could do the change the weather. Snow. Maybe checking the internet forecast will change what is going to happen outside. Snow. Or maybe listening to Rodger Hill on WDEV can convince the weather that it really doesn't want to do what it is going to do. Snow. Like a wrecking ball hitting swung from a crane, my little April 10th last snow weather paradigm was smashed like a wine glass at the mercy of that wrecking ball. Snow. Six days after.......
In an effort to protest the snow I have parked my ass on the couch to blog about it. HA! That'ill show old man weather who's boss! I ll just go ahead and keep the bathrobe on until 8 am and sip coffee all the while! Put that in old man weathers pipe and have em smoke it. Snow.
It is some what concerning that my happiness 100% contingent on the temperature being above 50 degrees, and mostly sunny. I guess I could have a worse affliction. Like happiness contingent upon the Red Sox winning,(what a sorry performance against the Twins- put Lowell back in the line up) or the results from march madness college basketball games.( sure wanted Butler to kick Dukes ass!) But I don't have those afflictions do I?
Rodger had something to say about a Montreal cold front, Josh Beckett is on the mound for the Sox against the Rays, the chores need to be done, and there is a tax return lacking any excuses for incompletion.  And old man weather can kiss my ass!

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