Sunday, February 14, 2010

The 2010 Moron awards go to...

The Symphony Farm moron award recognizes outstanding acts of the goonish nature. The award is given to the nominee who best exemplifies the best of intentions, yet lacks any sort of pre meditation, intelligent thought, rationale, logic, common sense, or any glimmer of an IQ. 
This month the Academy would like to nominate two acts that stand out in our minds.
The First nomination is: Jonathan Falby!!!! For his well intentioned method for dealing with a frozen round bale. Rather than being patient and breaking down the bale by hand; Or being smart and getting a neighbor to move it with a tractor; Or logical and setting up some bomber fence, so the cows wont get out while eating the bale, and they can walk to the bale. No, No.....our man decided in to jump in his pick up and try to dismantle the bale by backing into it.  With this brilliant method Mr. Falby got his truck stuck!!! Wedged up on the bale and unable to get the truck off (even in 4wd) until the cows ate the hay our from underneath it!! "Id jus t'oughd id smass id wid duh bumpah!"
The Academy would also like to nominate Meaghan Kane for her brilliant attempts for dealing with escaped cows from the prior nominees crappy dumb dumb wire fence job! Only on the day when the farmer with two functional legs leaves town for the day; Only on this day when Miss Kane is freshly out of surgery for a fractured foot; Only on this day will the cows break out!!! Rather than being logical, and realizing the cows will not cross the brook bridge and get to the road. Or being intelligent and realizing there is no other feed out there and that the cows will eventually come back to where the round bale is. Or being smart and calling any friend with two good legs. No No....she decides that she is going to go out there with a busted  foot on crutches, with a bag of cat food to mimic cow grain. However, on her way from retrieving the cat food is some how bails off of the upstairs railing and smashes all over the down stairs floor!!!! " I jus t'ought I'd git em to come fur some cat fuud!!"
And the winner of the Febuary 2010 Moron award is...................

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